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Precautions in Construction of Concrete Mixing Plant

The construction of a concrete mixing plant requires some specific characteristics, and it does not mean that it is only necessary to spend money to buy concrete mixing equipment. Here, everyone introduces how to build a good concrete mixing plant in Nigeria.

First, there must be a working site for the construction of concrete mixing plant equipment. The size of the site should be planned according to the size of the concrete mixing plant. The floor area of different concrete mixing plants is also different.

concrete mixing plant nigeria

Second, the recommended site for the construction of concrete mixing plant equipment and sparsely populated places, such as (in the suburbs), there will be some noise and dust.

Third, when establishing the working site of the concrete mixing plant equipment, we must first plan the site, the reasonable placement of raw materials, and facilitate the organization of feed supplements.

Fourth, a concrete mixing plant equipment is equipped with 1-2 pools, which must be able to guarantee the requirements of concrete mixing and mechanical cleaning.

Fifth, one production line should be equipped with at least two suitable cement silos, preferably three, which should be used in turn and supplemented in time to meet the needs of concrete production without causing cement backlog. Large-volume and pumped concrete generally need to be mixed with fly ash and admixtures, which should be placed separately according to site conditions for ease of use.

mobile concrete batching plant

Sixth, as for the method of conveying finished concrete, a concrete conveying pump can be selected. This conveying method is based on the ability to meet the conveying distance and height and the supply of concrete. It is generally arranged in front of the mixer and connected to the pouring site with a pump tube; it can also be arranged near the pouring place and sent to the pump by a concrete delivery truck.

The above characteristics are necessary to build a good concrete mixing plant equipment. After these necessary features are established, the remaining concrete mixing plant configuration equipment can be assembled and established according to production needs. After such a concrete mixing plant is established, it has simplicity, efficiency and safety. Able to complete the daily workload in a timely and guaranteed manner.

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