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Precautions for Installation of Concrete Batching Plant

Korean concrete batching plant plays an important role in the construction of the building. Its installation matters are related to the use of the entire engineering materials and the construction period. Therefore, when installing the concrete mixing station, you must pay special attention to some items, as follows:

1. The concrete batching plant should set the "one machine, one gate, one leakage, one box" leakage protector parameter to 30M A × 0.1S for the mixer in the host machine, and the motor insulation resistance value should be greater than 0.5MΩ; the protection zero line should be no less than two , The instrument and indication signal of the operation console are accurate and reliable. The transmission mechanism, working device, clutch and brake should be tight, flexible and reliable, and the protective cover is complete.

korean concrete batching plant

2. The steel wire rope of the mixer used in the concrete mixing station shall not be scrapped due to corrosion, wire breakage or flattening. The safety hook on the machine body and the lifting ears on the hopper should be intact. When the hopper is raised, the safety hook should be hung.

3. The mixer of the korean concrete batching plant should be installed on a flat and hard floor, fixed with a wooden frame or a support frame, and keep it level. It is not allowed to replace the support with tires. The use time is longer (generally more than 3 months) The tires should be removed and stored properly, and the end of the axle should be cleaned and rust-proof.

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