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Top 10 Operating Precautions For Concrete Pumps

HAOMEI Machinery reminds consumers that the current situation that China mobile concrete mixer with pump cannot be used normally due to irregular operations has occurred most in recent years, so how should the concrete pumps be safely operated?

1. The cement concrete mixing material delivery pump should be as close as possible to the construction work surface. The construction site should have a convenient, safe and reliable power source, and the construction interference is small and the environment is safe;

2. Understand the construction face and construction requirements. The types of cement, cement dosage, aggregate gradation, water-cement ratio, slump, etc. in the pumped concrete should all meet the transportation requirements;

3. Understand whether concrete has additives, in particular, the maximum aggregate should not exceed 1/3 of the delivery pipeline of china mobile concrete mixer with pump;

4. Check whether the electrical equipment is intact, whether all kinds of instruments are normal, and the operation switches, buttons and handles of each part are in the prescribed positions;

China mobile concrete mixer with pump

5. Check the amount of water in the water tank, and observe whether there is oil or turbidity. If necessary, the turbid water should be drained and refilled with clean water;

6. Check the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil level, oil quality and oil volume, all should meet the requirements. If the power is a generator, the fuel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water volume should also be checked;

7. Check whether there is any miscellaneous work and slag accumulation in the hopper of china concrete mixer pump. The network and mixing blades should be intact;

8. Check the gaps of various parts in the valve. If the limit is exceeded, it should be adjusted to check whether the connecting parts are loose;

9. Check the tightness of the transmission chain to keep it in the specified position. If it is too tight or too loose, adjustment is required;

10. The layout of the conveying pipe should minimize the number of bent pipes. The connection of each pipe must be tight. The conveying pipe and the concrete pump should be supported firmly to reduce vibration;

Here, we can also clearly see the above ten correct operation methods and precautions. In fact, the correct operation method of china mobile concrete mixer with pump is not too difficult, but the difficulty lies in whether we have performed it seriously, so here today, I hope that the above The relevant introductions can cause uniform attention and attention of users of concrete pumps.

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