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Precautions For Concrete Pump Work

Concrete mixer pump factory reminds consumers that the operating equipment or instruments in the operation link must first pay attention to the relevant details and matters that should be paid attention to during the work, because this is the key to ensuring the smooth use of this instrument, so In other words, it is necessary to draw the attention of every operation operator, so as to further improve the good usability of this equipment.

Concrete mixer pump factory

1. After the operation, all the concrete in the hopper and the pipeline is output, and then concrete mixer pump, hopper and pipeline are washed. When flushing the pipeline with compressed air, no one should stand within 10m in front of the outlet of the pipeline, and use a metal mesh basket to collect the washed cleaning balls and gravel particles. For the solidified part of the concrete, a scraper can be used to ensure the convenience of the next work.

2. Run the pistons on both sides to the cleaning chamber and apply lubricant. Add lubricating oil to each lubrication point and apply oil to prevent rust.

3. All control switches should return to the neutral position (or cut-off position).

4. Thoroughly clean the construction site. For the matters needing attention in the operation of concrete mixer pump, it is necessary to draw the attention of the operating personnel, so as to further improve the good use of this equipment.

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