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How To Overhaul Js750 Concrete Mixer

How to repair the concrete mixer. As an excellent ladder-climbing concrete mixer, js750 concrete mixer factory mainly produces mixing equipment, and provides customers with answers to all kinds of problems. Today, I will share with customers how to overhaul mixing equipment:

1. Check whether the shaft head of the concrete mixer has the appearance of leakage, if there is a timely replacement of the shaft head seal.

2. Often tidy up the mixing materials attached to the machine, if there is local wear, please timely repair welding.

js750 concrete mixer factory

3. Check whether the motor shaft is about refueling.

4. Check whether the wiring terminal of the power distribution cabinet of hot sale js750 concrete mixer is loose. If so, please tighten it and insist on the power distribution cabinet cleaning.

5. When the mixing material is not ideal, check whether or not roughly replace the mixing leaf, lining plate.

6. When mixing, there is noise in the machine operation. Check the bearing, whether the mixing shaft is damaged, or whether there is the appearance of sticking in the mixing tank.

These are the key points that automatic js750 concrete mixer often needs to pay attention to. Customers must carefully check when using it to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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