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Operation Rules of Concrete Mixer

The operation rules of customized concrete mixer

Each position will undergo rigorous operation training before taking up the job, not only to give workers a preliminary understanding of the structure and principle of the machine, but more importantly, to give workers a very strong sense of safety. For large-scale machines such as concrete mixers, a little improper operation will pose a threat to our lives and safety.

customized concrete mixer

There are a lot of news reports on deaths and injuries caused by workers' improper operation of concrete mixers, and there will be reports of concrete mixer accidents every short period of time. For example, the accident of biting a leg of a concrete mixer, the accident of a stuck person, the accident of a person being caught in the customized concrete mixer, etc. These accidents are caused by the improper operation of the machine by the operator.

Many people will feel that the problem is not big during operation, and it will often lead to regrettable and serious accidents after the illegal operation is carried out, resulting in very good results in personnel injuries, but often this large machine is caused by the human body Disability and death. The seemingly inconspicuous violations will destroy a person's life, and not only this will lead to family misfortune.

Remind those who work in the frontline positions, do not underestimate the operating rules of the customized concrete mixer, this will make our life-saving straw. Incomplete understanding, negligent operation, and convenience only, temporary laziness will lead to a lifetime of misfortune. For your own family, please operate carefully and standardize operations.

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