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Maintenance Methods for Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

A. Maintenance of equipment in stationary concrete batching plant

1. Check each part for strain, bump, deformation and damage during use, and deal with it if necessary.

2. Check whether the bolts and screws of the connection, fixing and transmission parts of the concrete mixing station are loose, and those who loosen will be tightened. Pay special attention to the sensor fastening bolts, front and rear roller bearing fixing bolts, material door limit bolts, and electric vibrator bolts.

3. Remove the residual material in the weighing hopper.

4. Remove the deposits on the inner surface of the belt conveyor and the scattered materials under the belt conveyor and around the batching station.

B. Weekly maintenance of equipment for stationary concrete batching plant

1. Lubrication of the connecting pin bearings of each material door of the batching machine.

2. Check and clean the air filter, if it is damaged or effective, it should be replaced.

3. Check the oil level and oil quality of the electric drum and oil mist device of the concrete mixing station. If the shortage is enough, make up, and replace it if it deteriorates.

4. Eliminate the hidden troubles in daily work.

C. Monthly maintenance of equipment for stationary concrete batching plant

1. Check the welding seam of the storage bin, the discharge opening, the material door for wear, deformation, cracking, and timely repair if there is a problem.

2. Check the wear, deformation and cracking of the belt conveyor belt and support roller of the concrete mixing station, and repair or replace the problem in time.

3. Check the working conditions of each electric drum, electric vibrator and cylinder, and repair in time if there is any problem.

D. Seasonal maintenance of equipment for stationary concrete batching plant

1. Change to lubricating oil or grease used in winter. When the temperature rises above 15C, the lubricating oil or grease used in summer should be resumed.

2. Take heat preservation and cold protection measures for non-resistant low-temperature components such as equipment qigong and electrical appliances.

3. According to the actual use of the stationary concrete batching plant, the connections of the weight sensor should be cleaned every six months or one year, and all material scales should be re-calibrated and zeroed with standard weights. Generally this work is carried out in combination with seasonal maintenance.

stationary concrete batching plant

E. Maintenance of the equipment of the stationary concrete batching plant during the running-in period

The drum motor is completely replaced with lubricating oil. When replacing the old oil, try to keep it as clean as possible, and try not to mix the new and old oil. At the same time, when replenishing the oil in the future, pay special attention to the different brands of oil must not be mixed.

F. Storage and maintenance of equipment for stationary concrete batching plant

1. The equipment needs to be sealed and maintained when it is not used for a long time, and anti-theft treatment should be performed on important parts.

2. Thoroughly clean the silo of the concrete mixing station, discharge the accumulated water in the filter, and release the compressed air in the gas path system.

3. Add enough lubricating grease to all lubricated parts, and cover the exposed friction parts with anti-rust oil.

4. Apply external support to all weighing hoppers so that all sensors are in a non-stressed state.

5. Loosen the adjustment bolts of the flat belt conveyor, so that the belt conveyor is in a slack state.

G. Maintenance of equipment in the stationary concrete batching plant

Post-maintenance maintenance means that when a component of a stationary concrete batching plant is restored to service after overhaul, the equipment will be fully maintained by the way. After major repairs to important parts of the equipment, this part is generally carried out in accordance with the run-in period.

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