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Tips On How To Maintain Concrete Batch Plant

Cement silo, as the exclusive storage equipment for low cost YHZS35 mobile concrete batching plant, has models ranging from 30t-1000t, which can be regarded as a large product. Therefore, the maintenance work is very important. The maintenance work of cement silo can not only do external work, but also pay equal attention to internal maintenance. Both inside and outside should be cleaned during maintenance. Concrete mixing station today cement bin internal maintenance skills.

Internal maintenance of concrete mixing plant

The volume of cement silo is particularly large, so the maintenance work is also very difficult thing, it is difficult to finish at the beginning, as long as we do it for the first time, cleaning and maintenance will be much easier, and only good internal maintenance, in order to make the performance of cement silo play more thoroughly.

yhzs60 mobile concrete batching plant

Internal cleaning of concrete mixing plant

The internal cleaning of cement silo is very complicated. The tools needed for general cleaning methods are detergents, dust removers, broken arch devices and so on. If there is dirt on the inside of the cement bin, the best thing to do is to use a primer cleaner and then clean it up with a hammer or shovel. The second is the internal system of the cement bin equipment, the need for regular inspection and replacement, check the cement bin to see whether the parts of hot sale YHZS60 mobile concrete batching plant are normal, sealing is tight, and so on. Finally, after cleaning, we must check whether there are any tools left in the warehouse. In addition, there must not be any moisture left in the warehouse walls, otherwise it will corrosion and rust, which means that our maintenance work is useless.

Concrete mixing station cement bin internal maintenance skills, cement bin internal maintenance work in a word summary, is to be careful, every detail to do a bit, in order to make the equipment run more smoothly.

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