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Js1000 Js1500 Concrete Mixer Accessories

js1000 concrete mixer suppliers

Which parts of the concrete mixer require daily maintenance? The js1000 concrete mixer suppliers said that for a high-quality js1500 concrete mixer, it is composed of a number of primary components, such as the mixing host, sand and gravel batching equipment, cement silo, elevator, screw conveyor, etc., all of which can help with mixing The cavity is storing sand and gravel, and each part reflects its own characteristics. In order to ensure the smooth production, some parts of the concrete mixer require daily maintenance.

1. The air path is sealed and the drainage condition is to check whether the activity sensor of the js1000 concrete mixer is normal;

2. Adjust the sweeper with the head of the belt conveyor, and adjust the cleaner inside the belt of the concrete mixer;

js1500 concrete mixer

3. For the aggregate conveying equipment, js1500 concrete mixer suppliers reminds you to check the belt work and interface conditions, check the movement of each unloading port cylinder and the switch to ensure the smooth progress of production;

4. Check the working condition of the belt idler, check the work of the motor, and ensure the normal temperature rise;

5. Check the oil level of the js1000 concrete mixer drive drum on a regular basis, knowing that the oil level is a guarantee for normal production;

6. The question of water pipe valve unloading is the basis of the hydraulic js1500 concrete mixer. Check the liquid level of the water pump oil chamber. If there is any improperity, it must be added in time.

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