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Js Series Mixer Liner is More Wear-resistant

Js series mixer is a common main machine configuration for concrete mixing plant. Lining plate is the main vulnerable part in mixer. js1000 concrete mixer manufacturers relies on manufacturing experience and new research and development technology to improve lining plate material and make it more wear-resistant and durable.

1. Mixer lining plate is easy to wear

Mixer liners usually work in a medium consisting of water or other liquids and solid substances with sharp edges and corners called high hardness. Repeated press-in and ploughing of abrasive will lead to work hardening of the material, or other deformation will cause cracks to form and expand, eventually causing the material to fall off from the surface and wear the lining plate.

According to the working conditions of the lining board, it is known that the lining board material is required to have high hardness and high strength first, not only to prevent the lining board from being broken, but also to have good wear resistance and impact resistance.

js1000 concrete mixer manufacturers

2. Domestic enterprises are limited by the short service life of technical lining plates

For js1000 concrete mixers produced by domestic enterprises, carbon steel plate, gray cast iron and ordinary 100-cast iron are generally used as lining plates, which have low wear resistance and short service life, usually 1 to 3 months.

3. HAOMEI Developed High-flipping Cast Iron Liner for Wear Resistance and Durability

HAOMEI technicians have improved the lining plate from the aspects of composition and heat treatment to prolong its service life after analyzing the working conditions and used materials of the lining plate of the concrete mixer. At present, the lining plate of concrete mixer produced by HAOMEI is made of high-alloy cast iron, which has good wear resistance and high hardness with a certain amount of molybdenum and copper. This liner has two major characteristics: first, the greater the external impact load, the higher the wear resistance of its own surface layer; Second, as the hardened layer is worn away, a new work hardened layer is produced under the action of external load and continuously formed.

At present, high-temperature cast iron lining plates have been widely used in various specifications of js1000 concrete mixers in haomei. New materials give our products better wear resistance and longer service life. If you know more, please call us for advice.

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