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Installing Concrete Pump Precautions

What are the related issues that should be paid attention to when installing a China portable concrete pump? Correct installation of equipment can greatly improve work efficiency.

Before installing the concrete pump, first place the concrete pump on a firmer concrete floor or on a stone pier, and make sure that the concrete pump remains level. At the same time, the four outrigger positioning pins and safety pins of the pump can be locked to make the tire off the ground or unload the tire.

china portable concrete pump

Under normal circumstances, the hopper of the pump needs to be increased by about 20cm, which can effectively increase the volume of the hopper and ensure that the concrete does not flow out. It should be noted that the unloading of the forced mixer should be done at one time as much as possible, so that the concrete flowing into the hopper will be more uniform. If discharging is carried out in batches, the final concrete stones will have more booms, which is quite unfavorable for pumping. Especially when the slump of concrete is large, it is more noteworthy. Therefore, the hopper of the pump must be raised at this time. If it is a large-capacity mixer, a storage hopper can be made in advance to ensure continuous feeding.

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