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Methods to Improve Efficiency of Concrete Pump

Due to its high pressure and strong power, concrete pump can pump concrete, which greatly improves the construction efficiency of concrete pumping operation. So how can the efficient construction of concrete pump be guaranteed during the use process? According to the product characteristics and rich site construction experience, mobile concrete mixer with pump factory summarizes the following points for reference:

mobile concrete mixer with pump factory

First, the concrete pump must be screened. Many customers lost the screen when using the concrete pump, and they still continued to use it and did not buy new screens after being stolen. It is often lucky to think that the screen is a chicken rib accessory after several smooth pumping operations, which is optional. In fact, it has been continuously improved through many years of production experience, and each component plays its own role. As the first barrier for large transition stones, the screen may not be used if the quality of concrete is high. However, if the concrete stones are large, the screen will become especially effective because the screen is added, which can effectively avoid pipe blockage, thus greatly improving the construction efficiency.

Second, a certain amount of concrete must be reserved in the hopper to prevent air from entering the conveying pipeline. Once air enters the pipeline, it is easy to cause concrete backflow during the pumping operation, seriously affecting the construction efficiency of the concrete pump. If concrete backflow really occurs during the pumping operation, the problem can be solved by inching the reverse pump button immediately and clicking three to four times repeatedly.

As long as the operation is strictly in accordance with the operating instructions of HAOMEI concrete pump, mobile concrete mixer with pump can basically realize efficient and trouble-free construction.

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