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Improve Concrete Pumps Performance

China mobile concrete pumps are mainly used to transport cement, fine stone and mortar. At the beginning, the concrete pump used mechanical force as power, and could only transport cement mortar. Today's concrete pumps have used oil and electricity as power, and the transmission height has been greatly increased. It can transport most materials known on the market.

China mobile concrete pumps

China concrete pump adopts S-tube valve reversing, good sealing and long life; the hydraulic system adopts air-cooled heat dissipation, the feeding height is low, and it is easy to use; it can minimize the blockage of pipes and effectively extend the service life of rotating parts. When pumping concrete, the mortar can not only fill the gaps between the stones, but also play a lubricating role, so when pumping concrete, it is necessary to match a suitable sand law, which not only reduces the friction in the aggregate It also reduces the viscosity of the plastic and improves the bonded performance, so that the concrete can achieve the best pumping efficiency.

In summary, China mobile concrete pump has the advantages of uniform mixing slurry, good stability, and easy adjustment of the ratio of mortar, stone and cement.

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