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How to Deal With Low Eficiency asphalt mixing plant sales?

What to do if the working efficiency of concrete batch plant for sale is low?

1. The method of removing sticky materials: If materials are stuck on the parts of the rollers and idlers, the diameter of the place will increase, which will lead to an increase in the tensile force of the tape at this place, which will cause deviation. The adhered materials should be sorted in time.

2. The task volume of concrete and the consideration of its construction period: how to choose the standard concrete batch plant, and at the same time, the instantaneous and uniform amount of concrete should be considered.

3. In addition to daily maintenance of the product concrete mixer, when the concrete mixing station is operated for one month (two-shift system), the operator should be the main, and the maintenance workers should cooperate. The maintenance content and requirements. Carry out first-level maintenance of concrete batch plant for sale. The main scale of primary maintenance is.

4. The fluctuation of the power supply voltage does not exceed 5% of the rated value.

concrete batch plant for sale

What to do if the output of the concrete mixing plant is low?

1. Liquidity factors. High temperature, long time, low fluidity, mixed with additives, large fluidity;

2. The quantity of cement slurry. The quantity of cement slurry is large and the fluidity is large, but too much cement slurry will cause flow slurry; otherwise, too little cement slurry will cause collapse.

3. Sand rate. Under the condition that concrete batch plant has been determined, the sand rate is too large, it will be dry and thick, resulting in low fluidity; on the contrary, if the sand rate is too small, this will cause the cement slurry to be lost and isolated. These are not conducive to the progress of output value.

4. Consistency of cement slurry: The consistency of cement slurry depends on the water-cement ratio. The water-cement ratio is small, the cement slurry is thick, the fluidity is small, and the cohesiveness and water retention are good. Too small to make the construction dense; too big to reduce strength and durability.

5. Cement types and aggregate properties: fine cement and good fluidity. Pebble concrete has better fluidity than gravel concrete.

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