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How to Choose A Suitable Concrete Mixer

First of all, when choosing a concrete mixer, we must be clear: a good choice does not only mean that the material is good, but the price is expensive. What suits you is better, and concrete mixer made in China is no exception.

1. The difference between mixer materials

For machines with diversified types and models like mixers, choosing the one that suits you is undoubtedly a big problem. Therefore, when choosing a mixer, the first thing we must confirm is the difference between the materials of the mixer, some are dry powder, some are liquid, and some are mixed with solid and liquid. Therefore, as long as the difference of materials is determined, the scope of application can be narrowed.

concrete mixer made in China

2. The speed of the mixer

The second thing is to look at the mixing speed of the mixer. The high mixing speed will naturally increase the production efficiency, and the slow mixing speed will naturally affect the progress of the construction.

3. Differentiating mixing machines

Any China js1000 concrete mixer and its accessories will have corners that cannot be touched, commonly known as dead corners. Therefore, choosing a small percentage of dead corners will greatly improve the production efficiency of the machine.

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