HM9-D Concrete Mixer Truck

HM9-D concrete mixer truck manufacturer provides low price high quality HM9-D concrete mixer truck made in china for sale.

Mixing Capacity: 9m3
Tank Volume: 14.7m3
Feeding Speed: ≥3.5m³/min
Discharging Speed: ≥3m³/min

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Description of HM9-D Concrete Mixer Truck

1. The concrete mixer is a well-designed device for transporting concrete/mortar directly from the concrete batching plant to the place to be poured, effectively delaying the setting of concrete, avoiding the layering and distribution of concrete, and ensuring the construction quality and speed.

2. High quality HM9-D concrete mixer truck has a wide range of applications, especially for mass concrete construction, such as canals, Bridges, roads, DAMS, multi-storey and industrial buildings, factories and airport concrete mixing plants.

How Does A HM9-D Concrete Mixer Truck Work

Longitudinal systems generally have two types of manipulation: mechanical manipulation and overall flexible shaft manipulation.

The mechanical control system of the HM9-D concrete mixer truck for sale from manufacturer is jointly controlled by the mechanical operation on the back frame of the auxiliary frame and the soft shaft of the cab. It is composed of an operating handle, a rotating body, a pivot-rocker mechanism, a link mechanism, a push-pull soft shaft and a soft throttle.

A mechanical limit is set in the background mechanical operating system of the low price HM9-D concrete mixer truck to control the stroke of the oil pump control valve. Within the range of the mechanical operation, the operation is fixed by setting steel balls and spring pressure on the positioning holes. Gears, two stirring gears, two discharge gears, and one neutral gear. The speed of the mixer can be controlled steplessly between gears.

HM9-D concrete mixer truck for sale

The operation system of the high quality HM9-D concrete mixer truck mainly controls the rotation direction and speed of the mixer drum.

The operating system can control five working states of the mixer:

Feeding: forward rotation of the mixing drum, the rotation speed is 6 ~ 14r / min;

Stirring: The drum rotates forward, and the rotation speed is 0 ~ 6r / min;

Unloading: The mixing drum is reversed and the rotation speed is 0 ~ 6r / min;

High-speed discharge: the mixing drum is reversed and the rotation speed is 6 ~ 14r / min;

Stop: stand still.

The overall flexible shaft type control system is controlled by the flexible shaft controller installed on the backstage of the auxiliary frame to control the forward, reverse and throttle of the mixer. Composed of shaft bearings.

Maintenance Tips for HM9-D Concrete Mixer Truck

As a special truck for transporting concrete, the daily maintenance of the HM9-D concrete mixer truck for sale is very important. Therefore, to ensure the service life of the mixer truck, maintenance work must be done well. If the maintenance and maintenance of the mixer truck is not in place, it will affect the performance and life of the mixer truck. The manufacturer of the mixer truck will explain to you below, some knowledge about the maintenance and maintenance of the mixer truck.

1.First of all, for newly purchased concrete mixer s, check the bolt tightening of each place after about 50 hours of initial use) The conditions include the connection bolts between the tank head and the reducer, the connection bolts between the reducer base and the front desk, The connecting bolts of the wheel base and the frame, and the connecting bolts of the auxiliary beam and the beam. In the future, make sure to check regularly every month-once.

HM9-D concrete mixer truck made in China

2. Check whether the lubricating oil on the joint surface of the roller and raceway of the low price HM9-D concrete mixer truck made in China is dry before driving each day. It should be replenished in time to maintain a good lubrication effect. Before the vehicle is started, check the oil level of the cooler and reducer to ensure the oil. The position indication is within the visual range; check the sealing condition of the hydraulic oil circuit to keep the hydraulic system clean and sealed, so as not to contaminate the system hydraulic oil, such as dust particles and moisture, causing the system to work normally or be damaged.

3. Clean up the dirt on the idler and the raceway at least once a month; inject grease into the idler through the grease nipple on the idler to ensure that the transmission shaft is lubricated at least once a month.

4. The hydraulic system components have high accuracy, especially the mixer truck hydraulic pump, which is easy to maintain, but requires high hydraulic oil to be replaced regularly. The first 500 hours of operation, the next 2000 hours or at least every year-the filter element should be replaced at the same time to refuel or oil When the engine is stopped, the hydraulic system will be damaged.

5. It is forbidden to arbitrarily weld and modify the water tank of the HM9-D concrete mixer truck made in China for manufacturer to avoid the impact of heavy objects; the ice level display tube and the filter should be replaced in time to avoid clogging, affecting the water level judgment. Lubricate in time; use in an environment where icing is possible, the water supply system must drain the stored water to prevent the pipeline from freezing and cracking; frequently check the system's tightness and apply sealant for the pipeline.


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φ430 Monolithic dry type

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