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How To Extend Service Life Of Cncrete Mixer

JS500 concrete mixer for sale is designed to mix the cement and sand evenly. You can imagine that a concrete mixer needs a lot of strength, and after mixing, there will be some silt consolidated on the paddle, and the body will be covered with a lot of soil. This is inseparable from the maintenance of the blender and maintenance. How do you maintain a blender to extend its life?

js500 concrete mixer

First, in the use of the concrete mixer to prepare for the work, the main is to check, check each part of the working condition is normal.

Second, after the completion of the work to clean the mixer body in a timely manner, after the use of JS500 concrete mixer for sale should be cleaned in a timely manner, the mixer body to clean up the dirty things, at the same time to avoid the mud can enter the motor, gear and other equipment. At the same time also from time to time to grease the machine, to avoid the damage caused by the huge friction on the mixer.

Third, when JS500 concrete mixer is working, it is also necessary to pay attention to its working conditions from time to time. For example, motor, transmission gear and other equipment can be used to judge whether it is normal. If there is any abnormal noise, the machine should be stopped in time for careful inspection.

Only the daily maintenance of the concrete mixer can make JS500 concrete mixer for sale last longer and ensure the quality of the prepared concrete is more reliable.

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