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Difference Between Engineering and Commercial Concrete Plant

The maintenance and maintenance of the water supply system of the hzs35 stationary concrete batching plant ensure that the concrete batching plant needs to be inspected before each shift, maintained after each shift, inspected and maintained weekly, inspected and maintained for four weeks, and inspected and overhauled annually. Which parts need to be inspected and maintained for each inspection, the concrete batching plant manufacturer will introduce you in detail below.

1.Check before each use

Check whether the air compressor self-protection device is reliable and whether the air pressure is stable; check whether the water introduction by the pump is sufficient and the pipeline is unblocked; whether the silo door, cement bucket door, intermediate collecting bucket door, discharge door and other opening and closing are flexible and reliable; check the stirring Whether the connecting bolts of the main engine blades are firm; check whether the electrical devices are safe and reliable, and whether the limit switch action switches are flexible and reliable; check whether the lubrication points of the emergency deceleration boxes have sufficient lubricant.


2.Maintenance after each shift

Clean up the inside and outside of the mixer, the material on the material door, and rinse it. Fill the lubrication points at the lubrication points, especially the seal at the shaft end, and do not miss them. In winter, drain the liquid in the water circuit. Gas and water inside; all switches are in a non-working state after shutdown and cut off the power.

3. Weekly inspection and maintenance

Check the condensed condensate in the mixing tank of the main unit of hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant. If there is condensation, stop and remove it (note that the power supply should be cut off for special care), check the gap between the mixing blade and the liner, and adjust if it is not suitable; Leakage, whether the action of the cylinder is reliable; check the quality of the lubricating oil in the gearbox and the liquid level, fill or replace if necessary; check whether the water suction bottom valve in the water supply system is reliable; check whether all electrical components are damaged, if necessary Repair or replace, check whether the wiring is loose; unscrew and check the seal of the shaft end. After there is no abnormality, screw in and put the block.

4. Four weeks of inspection and maintenance

Check the tension of the belt and make appropriate adjustments; check the wear of the blades and linings; check whether the connecting bolts of the upper and lower frames, silos, large inclined belt conveyors and other components are firm and the foundation is sinking; check Are there any agglomerates and debris in the bolt conveyor?

5. Annual inspection and maintenance and overhaul

Concrete batching plant operation, in addition to inspection 1, 2, 3, 4 items, but also other components should be inspected, comprehensive inspection and maintenance and replacement.

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