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Correct Way To Clean China Concrete Mixer

Simple method for cleaning concrete mixer

Concrete mixer made in China is easy to use and saves trouble. This is known, but after using it for a period of time, there is concrete scaling in the warehouse, how to clean it? The following method will be spotless for your customized concrete mixer.

Distinguish the difference between hydraulic concrete mixer and mortar mixer

The speed of the mortar mixer is a little faster, and the volume is smaller. The volume of the hydraulic concrete mixer in China is too large and too heavy, the structure is a little complicated, and it is a little troublesome when cleaning.

concrete mixer made in China

A good way to clean up the residue of hydraulic concrete mixer

The concrete residue in the mixer can be ground with stones first. Measure a certain amount of stones according to the capacity of the js1000 concrete mixer (for example, 2m stones in a 2m group), and after a while, some lower strength concrete will be ground down quickly.

Then enter the people to clean with iron brazing, steel hammer. Pay attention to the cleaning time, usually once a day or every shift. After a long time, the intensity is very hard.

Finally, the residual concrete in the concrete mixer made in China can only be slowly obtained with a hammer, iron brazing or spatula. Cleaning the concrete mixer is a meticulous job, so it should be cleaned in time if found.

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