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Construction Characteristics Of Trailer Concrete Pump

Hbt60S1413-112R Trailer Concrete Pump Factory specializing in the production of various kinds of concrete pump, pump, car pump and pump truck, trailer concrete pump makes the development of the construction is becoming more and more convenient, effectively improve the efficiency of the construction, for the general construction units created very good economic benefits, then what is the trailer concrete pump construction characteristics, this for you in this trailer concrete pump manufacturers is introduced as follows:

A. High degree of mechanization, less labor, simple construction organization.

B. Concrete conveying and pouring is continuous, the construction efficiency is high, the project progress is fast.

trailer concrete pump factory

C. Pumping process of concrete quality requirements are relatively strict, it can also be said that pumping is a test of the quality of concrete. Because the pumping is continuous, the concrete in the pumping is not easy to separate, concrete slump loss is not large, so easy to ensure the quality of the project.

D. Safe construction.

E. Strong adaptability to the construction surface, wide range of work, the concrete pipeline can be laid to other difficult to reach the place, and can make the concrete in a certain pressure to fill and pour in place, but also Hbt60S1413-112R Trailer Concrete Pump can be used in series, in order to increase the transport distance and height, to meet the requirements of various construction.

F. The mutual interference with other construction machinery is small. While pumping, other construction works may be carried out near the conveying pipe.

G. Under normal pumping conditions, concrete in the pipeline will not pollute the environment, can achieve civilized construction.

H. The trailer concrete pump can reduce the construction cost under the condition of proper construction arrangement.

Above is the trailer concrete pump factory for you to introduce the trailer concrete pump construction characteristics, I hope to help you further understand the trailer concrete pump!

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