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Concrete Pump Working Principle And Precautions

Concrete pump made in China is a mortar transportation equipment specially developed for the characteristics of floor heating construction. It is suitable for large area and high efficiency construction of concrete pump china filling layer or mortar filling layer in floor heating engineering. So do you know how concrete pump works?

There are three types of concrete pumps: rotor type double roller type, straight tube type three roller type and belt type double groove type.

The rotor-type double-roller concrete pump is composed of hopper, pump body, extrusion hose, vacuum system and power system. The pump body is sealed. The rotor frame of the pump body is equipped with two planetary rollers. The inner wall of the pump body is lined with a rubber pad. The inner circumference of the pad is equipped with an extruded rubber tube. The power device drives the planetary roller to rotate, crushes and squeezes the rubber tube, and squeezes the concrete in the tube into the conveying tube for discharge. The vacuum system maintains a certain degree of vacuum in the pump body, prompts the extrusion hose to recover immediately after rolling, and accelerates the concrete in the hopper into the extrusion hose.

concrete pump made in China

The displacement of the squeeze concrete pump made in China depends on the rotor radius of gyration and speed, the diameter of the squeeze hose and the volumetric efficiency of concrete suction. The diaphragm is in the pump body. When the pump pumps the water under the diaphragm back to the tank through the control valve, the diaphragm sinks, and the concrete in the hopper opens the check valve into the pump body; when the pump pumps the water in the tank back to the pump body through the control valve At this time, the pressure water lifts the diaphragm, closes the check valve, and presses the concrete into the delivery pipe to discharge.

As one of the equipments with high frequency and wide application in the construction industry, concrete pumps are scattered in the corners of various cities. After purchasing concrete pumps, many users operate according to their own wishes, resulting in unnecessary troubles, but complaining about product quality No, but in fact, the concrete pump is not used correctly, so what should be paid attention to in use?

1. After the power supply is turned on, the concrete pump needs to be carefully checked, and it can be used after passing the empty test of 2-3 minutes. During the trial operation, it should be checked whether the rotation speed of the mixing drum is appropriate. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the empty truck is slightly faster than the heavy truck (after loading) by 2-3r/min. If there is a large difference, the ratio of the driving wheel and the transmission wheel should be adjusted. The rotation direction of the mixing drum should conform to the direction indicated by the arrow. If it does not meet the requirements, the motor wiring should be corrected. Check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable. Whether the wire rope is damaged, there are no obstacles around and lubrication of various parts.

concrete pump for sale

2. Clean up the impurities in the mixing drum of the concrete pump for sale, lock the cylinder limit device, and then start the machine. If it is found that the running direction does not meet the requirements after starting, the power supply should be cut off in time and any two phase wires of the conductor should be connected to each other. Change position and restart.

3. After use, the mixing drum should be cleaned, and the water should be poured into the mixing drum to make the main shaft run to clean the residual materials in the mixing drum. Before leaving the site, pull down the electric lock and lock the electric lock box, and put it in a ventilated and dry place.

4. Concrete pump made in China should not feed too much at a time, and feed according to the proportion, pay attention to the water-cement ratio. Mix evenly. The mixing time should not be less than one minute at a time. Normally mixed concrete should be very thick.

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