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Precautions For Construction Of Concrete Pump Truck

In the construction of small Concrete Pump Truck Made In China especially attention must be strictly in accordance with the construction requirements to ensure the construction quality. So in the actual construction work we need to pay attention to what aspects? The Concrete Pump Truck Manufacturer will introduce the following to you today:

1. Concrete is vibrated with insert vibrator and flat plate vibrator. The concrete must be compacted by vibrating machine after pouring, and the vibrating time is 15 ~ 30 seconds. Before the initial setting of concrete, the plate type vibrator is used to carry out secondary vibration at the pouring junction and on the floor surface of the column, wall, ladder wall and the bottom plate to improve the crack resistance of concrete. After concrete vibration, concrete surface treatment before initial setting. Organize the bricklayer class after the concrete pouring, before the initial setting of water collection, with the wood mold grinding compaction, in order to close the water collection cracks.

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2. According to the design requirements, ensure the thickness of steel bar protection layer in the basement, and negative errors are absolutely not allowed.

3. The concrete shall be watered immediately after the final setting, and the curing time shall not be less than 7 days. Maintain a protective water film on the concrete surface of the floor during curing. The mold removal specimens are under the same condition as the structural floor.

4. If the use of Hzs60 Stationary Concrete Batching Plant commercial concrete. Commercial concrete to plan, time, fixed point, quantitative to the site.

5. Concrete slump is measured on site once per vehicle, and concrete quality is strictly controlled. Concrete slump error range of 2cm, unqualified concrete shall not be used, test results deviation should be timely feedback concrete mixing station, timely correction. Test pieces of 150*150 are made from each layer of concrete on site, with no less than one set per class and no less than one set per 100m3. Each part above the soleplate should be reserved according to the requirement to maintain the concrete specimen under the same condition.

6. Support steel reinforcement construction to strengthen the protection, do not trample. Appoint special person to fix the reinforcing bar of support. Pad up the steel bar, especially the root of the supporting steel bar.

Concrete construction is the foundation of many buildings, the construction quality directly determines the quality of the building after. Do not think of the efficiency of the moment, affect the future use. Above is Concrete Pump Truck Manufacturers to share with you the information, hope to help you.

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