HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck

HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck manufacturers provide low price high quality Concrete Pump Truck made in China for sale.

Output in theory(m3/h): 125
Index of the pump carry capacity(Mpa.m3/h): 586
Theoretic pumping pressure(Mpa): 8.5
Bucket volume(L): 700

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Introduction of HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck

1.HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck made in China, also known as pump truck, is a machine that continuously transports concrete along the pipeline by using pressure. It consists of a pump body and a delivery pipe. According to the structure, it is divided into piston type, squeeze type and hydraulic diaphragm type. The pump body is mounted on the chassis of the car and equipped with a telescopic or zigzag cloth rod to form a pump truck.

2.The concrete pump truck is transformed on the chassis of a truck. It is equipped with motion and power transmission devices, pumping and mixing devices, distribution devices and other auxiliary devices.

3.The power of the high quality HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck transmits the power of the engine to the hydraulic pump set or the rear axle through the power transfer box. The hydraulic pump pushes the piston to drive the concrete pump to work. Then, the concrete bar is transported to a certain height and distance by using the distribution rod and the conveying pipe on the pump truck.

HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck for sale

4. In addition to driving the pump truck, the engine of the concrete pump truck is also used to drive the working devices such as the pumping mechanism, the stirring mechanism and the distributing mechanism.

5.The power of each working device of the concrete pump truck comes from the automobile engine. When the low price HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck for sale is working, the power of the automobile engine is transmitted to the transfer case through the gearbox, and then transferred to each hydraulic pump or chassis rear axle after the transfer case is switched.

6.When the driver issues a command to switch to the pumping position, the pneumatic solenoid valve controls the cylinder on the transfer case to push the fork. Parking status. Otherwise, switch to the driving position.

Notes For Concrete Pump Truck Operation

When the concrete pump truck is under construction, what operations need to be performed on the concrete pump truck before the concrete is poured, and what are the precautions? The concrete pump truck manufacturer introduces you today:

1. Wet hollow cylinder: Before pouring concrete, water-absorbing hollow cylinder must be watered and moistened to reduce the continuous water absorption of the hollow cylinder and affect the quality of structural concrete.

2. Pouring and vibrating: Strictly control the floor and lower reinforcing steel protective layers and their elevations, pay attention to and strengthen concrete pouring and vibrating, and prevent the phenomenon of honeycomb and pitted concrete on the floor.

3. Bamboo rubber board: The pump tube bracket of the HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck made in China must be placed on the bamboo rubber board, and the operator must also work on the bamboo rubber board. It is prohibited to step on the CBM inner mold directly to avoid damage.

HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck manufacturer

4. Discharge port: A 45-degree elbow is added to the discharge port of the concrete pump truck to prevent the concrete from directly impacting the inner mold.

Factors affecting the price of concrete pump trucks

In the process of consulting concrete pump trucks, many customers have always been the key factor that everyone attaches great importance to, so what are the factors that affect the price of concrete pump trucks?

HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck manufacturer says, concrete pump truck price is determined by the following two factors:

1. Jib length. The longer the jib, the higher the price. The concrete pump truck booms currently on the market have lengths of 18-101 meters, and the size to choose depends on your own use. Price varies according to length.

2. Brand. Different brand prices are also different.

3. Configuration. The choice of chassis and boom, the difference of many key components directly affects the price.

4. Technology. If the technical strength is strong, the price will be correspondingly higher. If the technology is not good enough, there will be various problems after use. Then the price of the high quality HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck is certainly not high, because generally such manufacturers do not intend to manage after-sales, and the low price before sales is their only weight. Maybe some customers will ask, how to distinguish the technology, what can't be seen before buying, the most direct way is to consult the customers who have already purchased, and consult the usage.


Output in theory



Index of the pump carry capacity



Theoretic pumping pressure


Bucket volume


Height of top surface of bucket


Model of distribution valve


Max. operation radius



Max. operation height


Max. operation depth


Open height of boom


8600 8495

Distance between front landing legs


8820 9550

Distance between rear landing legs


8500 9550

Distance between front & rear landing legs


8490 9190

Diameter of delivery pipe



Length of hose pipe


Rotary range of boom


Quantity of boom


Rotary angle of each boom


92/180/180/240 91/180/180/180/270

Wire line control distance



Romote control distance


Max. speed


85/ 80

Min. turn radius



Approach angle(°)


Departure angle(°)


Chassis model

HOWO ZZ5307N4647C

Wheel base between the first & the second axle


Wheel base between the second & the third axle



Front treadmm2022

Rear tread


Max. engine output power



Max. engine output torque


1500 /(1100~1600 r/min)

Max, gradient ability(%)


Fuel consumption


out dimension(L×W×H)





Total weight



Production Case


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