HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete Pump Truck manufacturers provide low price high quality HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck made in China for sale.

Output in theory(m3/h): 125
Index of the pump carry capacity(Mpa.m3/h): 586
Theoretic pumping pressure(Mpa): 8.5
Bucket volume(L): 700

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Concrete Pump Truck Safety Device

1. Lifting indicator (angle plate, also called weight limiter)

The angle indicator installed at the root of the boom close to the driving position of the HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck made in China will change with the elevation of the boom. Check the angle of the boom to the ground, and know the elevation of the boom at different positions. Performance table and performance curve, you can know the reference value of the amplitude value, lifting weight, lifting height, etc. at a certain elevation angle.

2. Over winch limiter (also known as ultra-high limiter)

A safety device installed on the pulley block at the end of the boom to limit the lifting height of the hook head to prevent overhanging accidents. It guarantees that when the hook is lifted to the extreme position, it can automatically send an alarm signal or cut off the power source to stop lifting to prevent over-rolling.

3.Torque limiter

The torque limiter of the high quality HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck for sale is a safety device that automatically cuts off the lifting or amplitude power source when the load torque reaches the rated lifting torque and sends out a prohibitive alarm signal. It is a limiter to prevent crane instability caused by overload.

4. Anti-arm backrest device and anti-back bar bracket

The anti-arm back device and anti-back bar support of the concrete pump truck are safety devices that can no longer be lifted when the boom is raised to the maximum rated elevation angle.

Solve the problem of concrete pump turret

The boom system of HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck made in China is an important part of the small concrete pump truck. The existence of the boom saves the construction crew's pipe laying time, greatly improves the construction efficiency, and saves labor costs. The turret is an important connecting part of the sky pump. When the turret is abnormal, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the sky pump. However, what problems may occur in the turret during the daily operation?

HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck manufacturers

Fault description:

When the pump is under construction, in the near and remote control state, the boom cannot be rotated in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, and other movements are normal.

Failure analysis:

1. Rotation in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions is restricted.

2. The left and right rotating electromagnets are damaged.

3. There is a problem with the rotary valve of the multi-way valve.

4. There is a problem with the rotary balance valve or the rotary motor.

The use of low price HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck in the construction of the project can quickly improve the progress of the construction of the project, making the construction of the concrete project more convenient, safe and fast. However, major or minor faults in construction machinery also occur from time to time. To solve the faults, we should first analyze the problems in detail and find the most reasonable solution.

Symptoms Of Blocked Concrete Pump Trucks

When the following conditions occur in the concrete pump truck during the construction process, it may indicate that your pump truck will be blocked, and measures should be taken in time, which is very important to prevent pipeline blocking.

high quality HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck

1. Under normal circumstances, the maximum oil pressure of HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck for sale will not reach the set pressure. If the pressure peak of each pumping stroke rises rapidly with the alternation of the stroke, and it quickly reaches the set pressure, Normal pumping cycle automatically stops, and the main oil circuit overflow valve emits an overflow sound, which indicates that a blockage has occurred. Some commercial concrete pumps are equipped with automatic back pump circuits. Try a manual back pump.

2. When performing manual reverse pump, just press the reverse pump button of the high quality HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck, make the two cylinders carry out one or two strokes of reverse pump cycle, and suck the commodity concrete in the pipeline back to the hopper, usually Eliminate the blocked pipe, sometimes this kind of reverse pump operation takes several times to be effective. During operation, the pump is generally sent 3-4 strokes, and then the pump is positive, the blocked pipe can be eliminated. , Indicating that it has been blocked.

3. When pumping vertically downwards, due to the influence of the weight of the commercial concrete, in the case of a large drop in the commercial concrete, the general pump of the low price HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck cannot pump the commercial concrete back to the hopper. The anti-pump function must be used with caution. Otherwise, the mortar will be easily lost under repeated reverse pump-forward pump operation, causing the spinal canal or S tube to become blocked.


Output in theory



Index of the pump carry capacity



Theoretic pumping pressure


Bucket volume


Height of top surface of bucket


Model of distribution valve


Max. operation radius



Max. operation height


Max. operation depth


Open height of boom



Distance between front landing legs



Distance between rear landing legs



Distance between front & rear landing legs



Diameter of delivery pipe



Length of hose pipe


Rotary range of boom


Quantity of boom


Rotary angle of each boom



Wire line control distance



Romote control distance


Max. speed



Min. turn radius



Approach angle(°)


Departure angle(°)


Chassis model

HOWO ZZ5307N4647C

Wheel base between the first & the second axle


Wheel base between the second & the third axle



Front treadmm2022

Rear tread


Max. engine output power



Max. engine output torque


1350 /(1100~1600 r/min)

Max, gradient ability(%)


Fuel consumption


out dimension(L×W×H)



Total weight



Production Case


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