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Consumable Parts Of Concrete Pump

During the use of China portable concrete pump, incorrect operation will cause damage to the mechanical movement of the mechanical moving parts of the concrete pump, which will increase the maintenance cost of the concrete pump equipment. More importantly, it will affect the production rate of the concrete pump. Loss of production. The cutting ring and the glasses plate are a pair of closely-fitted components with relative movement. The contact surfaces of the two are welded with a layer of wear-resistant material through the special-shaped nut at the end of the S-shaped tube spline shaft. The gap between the two can be adjusted at (0.1 ~0.2) mm. The rubber spring assembled between the S-shaped tube and the cutting ring allows the cutting ring and the glasses plate to move relative to each other flexibly.

China portable concrete pump

When pumping high-rise building concrete, it needs to be piped vertically upwards. At this time, the length of the horizontal pipe on the ground should not be less than 1/4 of the length of the vertical pipe. If the water pipe of the above-mentioned required length cannot be placed due to site constraints, bend pipes or hoses can be used replace. Let's talk about the vulnerable parts such as the discharge port, the tapered tube, and the distribution valve. If the wear-resistant layer is found to be worn off, be sure to use the welding rod in time so that it can be used for a period of time.

Due to the different conditions of various engineering sites, such as the level of concrete, the distance and height of the pump, the service life of the wearing parts such as the cutting ring and the glasses plate at different sites varies greatly, but as long as the pump is used and handled correctly The service life of the wearing parts of the machine can be used for a longer time, bringing better economic benefits to customers. The piping configuration of China concrete pump trailer should be piping according to the characteristics of the construction site and the concrete pouring plan. The piping design should check whether the horizontal conversion distance of the pipe is compatible with the pumping distance of the concrete pump. When piping the concrete pump, the length of the pipeline should be shortened as much as possible, and elbows and hoses should be used less.

china concrete pump trailer

The laying of the concrete pump delivery pipe should be convenient for pipeline cleaning, troubleshooting, disassembly and maintenance. When the new pipe is mixed with the old pipe, the new pipe should be arranged where the pumping pressure is high. During the piping process of the concrete pump, a schematic diagram of the pipe layout should be drawn, listing the specifications and quantities of various pipe fittings, pipe clamps, elbows and hoses, and providing a list. If the pipe needs to be vertically upwards, the potential energy will increase as the height increases. Increase, there is a tendency for concrete to flow back, so a certain length of horizontal pipeline should be laid between the concrete pump and the vertical piping to have enough resistance to the concrete back flow.

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