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Concrete Mixer Pump Cleaning Method

The pipeline of the concrete pump needs to be cleaned regularly. Concrete mixer pump factory introduces the two methods for cleaning the pipeline of the concrete pump in detail:

concrete mixer pump factory

1. Washing: The gap between the cutting ring and the eye plate (the disc valve pump is the plate valve and the tie rod and the upper and lower wear plates) should be small, a large amount of water is required, and the seal is strictly sealed so that the water after cleaning the ball is not Before penetration. At the end of the concrete mixer pump washing, pay attention to the water in the pipeline, do not flow to the place where the concrete is poured, so as not to affect the quality of the concrete. This method is simple to operate, has less danger, and is more commonly used.

2. Air washing: It is blowing with compressed air, which is to plug the cleaning ball soaked in water into the air inlet washing joint, then connect the first straight pipe connected with the variable diameter, and connect the safety at the end of the pipe cover, the hole of China concrete mixer pump safety cover must face down..

China concrete mixer pump

The air valve should be opened slowly, and the air valve should be opened only when the concrete can flow out smoothly; after the air washing, the air valve should be closed immediately. Air washing needs to be equipped with an air compressor, which must be operated in strict accordance with the regulations and requires good sealing of the pipeline, but gas washing cannot wash very long pipelines. Long-distance pipelines should be cleaned in sections. This method must be operated with caution. The danger is greater, so the construction personnel should stay away from the exit direction to prevent the pellets or cleaning balls from flying out and hurting people.

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