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Concrete Mixing Plant Host Cleaning

The user usually needs to do regular maintenance and repair work on the equipment of hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant. If the blades and liners are found to be worn, they need to be replaced as appropriate. The transmission gear is regularly checked to prevent the residual concrete from condensing and blocking the normal operation of the machine. The discharge hopper should be cleaned every four hours, and check operations should be done regularly to ensure the efficient operation of the production equipment. What should be done to protect.

hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant

1. Regularly do the smooth maintenance of the bearings, reducers and other parts of yhzs25 mobile concrete batching plant. It is easy to dry in summer. To a certain extent, the smooth operation of the machine can not only oppose the boring weather, but also prolong the service life of the equipment. It should be noted that the lubricant oil level should be kept at the upper line of the oil mark during the operation of the air compressor. When the oil level is below the lower line of the oil mark, it is necessary to add a new tightening oil (summer tightening oil No. 19, Winter 13th), it is strictly forbidden to operate without oil.

2. At the end of the concrete batching plant operation every day, you must remember to clean up the mixer in an all-round way. It is better to clean the mixer at least once during the curing of the concrete to prevent piles of material in the mixing tank. Short-term cleaning during production interruptions is more useful than cleaning after each shift.

yhzs25 mobile concrete batching plant

3. When cleaning the concrete mixer, in addition to washing with water, you can also mix with water and small stones to make the cleaning cleaner.

4. When performing manual cleaning, do not use a hammer to eradicate solid concrete blocks, to prevent the mixing arm from cracking due to small losses due to vigorous movements.

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