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Concrete Mixer With Pump Needs to Adjust Piston Rod

Mobile concrete mixer with pump manufacturers reminds you that when using a concrete mixer, we must pay attention to the pressure problem. If the pressure of the concrete mixer pump is too high, pay attention to this point. Stop using it. This can avoid some accidents and find a way to restore the pressure of the concrete mixer pump to a normal level. These are some solutions proposed by the editor for this problem.

A concrete mixer pump is a machine in which a shaft with blades rotates in a cylinder, or various materials can be mixed and mixed to form a mixture or suitable consistency. There are many types of mixers, including forced mixers, single-shaft mixers and double-shaft mixers.

If the concrete mixer is subjected to excessive pressure during operation, the filter can easily become clogged and damage the mixer. Therefore, pay attention to the pressure range when using the mixer to avoid malfunction due to the overpressure of the mixer.

mobile concrete mixer with pump manufacturer

Since the pressure of concrete pump China rises slowly, the filter is usually clogged and should be cleaned regularly. The second is the cylinder problem, because there is a leak outside the cylinder. Usually caused by pain in the piston rod assembly, lack of lubrication supply, wear or damage to the seals and seals, impurities in the cylinder and scratches on the piston rod.

We need to adjust the intermediate position of the piston rod in time, regularly check the reliability of the oil mist device, and clean it in time. Due to the development of the conductive solenoid valve, the valve failed, the exhaust mode was simply blocked, a seal was formed, and the active valve was stuck in a circuit failure. When using a mixer, we can use the closed design of the entire workstation. The pressure of the mixer is to add spacers and isolation chambers to the concrete mixer.

In addition, the noise source of the concrete mixer pump is mainly the mixing host. For mechanical equipment, the main noise problem is the problem of the machine itself, thereby improving its own production level and technical level. The manufacturing accuracy of the position was studied, and a feasible and perfect treatment plan was developed to reduce the gap between equipment parts to a large extent, especially the distance between the blade and the main mixer shims was as small as possible to prevent stones. The sound became clear.

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