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Concrete Mixer Pump Manufacturers

Haomei is a company focusing on the research, production and export of concrete mixing machinery and equipment, and has been well received in the industry for 20 years. As a concrete mixing pump manufacturer, we will introduce to customers the site selection conditions for mobile concrete mixing plants.

First, familiarity with concrete compared with the construction site is generally considered to be an important aspect of the construction and the quality of concrete directly affected by the transportation distance. Therefore, the establishment of an inclusive concrete mixing station must be considered to fully meet the needs of the site. Before confirming the site, you must be familiar with the local traffic conditions of the construction of the passing line, and verify the distribution of concrete according to the construction drawings, so as to locate the approximate center position of the concrete mixing plant.

mobile concrete mixer with pump

Second, understand and master the basic elements of mobile concrete mixing plant construction

The construction of hzs35 concrete batching plant must consider the area where basic factors such as water and electricity must be considered. The production of water-mixed concrete is a basic factor in the production. No water should not be regarded as a local station, with a water area used for early sampling to the test station for water quality testing. An important factor in the production of electric power mixing concrete should be considered as close to the familiar environment as possible, and electric power can be turned on on site. And more than 200,000 cubic meters of production capacity of the mixing plant covers an area of about 20,000 square meters or more, the main facility to consider is an area: production area, material warehouse, test area, distribution and backup power storage, clean and purified living area , Green belt, endless transportation paths, etc.

mobile concrete mixer with pump manufacturers

Third, familiar with the construction site in the environment of mobile concrete mixing plant

The concrete mixing plant is a highly processing base. In the mechanized construction with serious dust and noise pollution, life groups, schools, planting and breeding bases and other staff should be avoided as much as possible on site, and the areas where livestock are concentrated, and the external factors are as low as possible. Low limit.

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