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Concrete Mixer Pump Lubrication System

Concrete mixer pump is a kind of construction machinery. Due to its poor working environment, daily maintenance work needs to be done well, among which lubrication is a very important work. Concrete mixer pump factory produces machines with manual lubrication and automatic lubrication, which are divided into two parts.

concrete mixer pump factory

I. Manual lubrication

The concrete mixer pump adopts the oil cup with a screw cap. Fill the oil cup with grease first, and press the grease to the friction surface by the pressure generated by the screw cap. For example, there is a screw cap oil cup on each of the two swing valve oil cylinder seats. During the pumping process, the cap shall be lubricated every 4 hours to keep the spherical friction surface in a good lubrication state.

2. Automatic lubrication

The automatic lubricating system of concrete mixer pump combines progressive lubricating system and double-line lubricating system and advantages, which can be lubricated with hydraulic oil and grease respectively. It is composed of dry oil filter, one-way four-way valve, manual lubricating pump, progressive distribution valve, double-line lubricating center and pipeline. The automatic lubrication system can lubricate the following lubrication points: mixing bearings, S-tube size bearings, concrete pistons in the conveying cylinder.

China trailer concrete pump

In the automatic lubrication system, the manual lubrication pump is an auxiliary lubricating grease device. The handle of the grease pump should be pulled before China trailer concrete pump is started for each pump. The manual oil pump can be stopped after grease overflow is observed in the mixing bearing and s-tube bearing. When pumping concrete, the system is automatically lubricated by a hydraulic oil supplied by a two-line lubrication center as a lubricant. For manual lubrication pumps, non-extreme pressure "OO" type semi-fluid file base grease is used when the temperature is high, non-extreme pressure "000" type semi-fluid grid grease is used where the temperature is low.

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