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Concrete Mixer Machine In Nigeria

When the concrete mixer machine in nigeria is in use, follow the operating instructions to ensure the safety of the operators. Provide customers with some common knowledge about the operation of concrete pumps.

concrete mixer machine in nigeria

The ground supporting the concrete pump should be flat and solid; and the concrete pump should be placed horizontally and should not be tilted during work. The outriggers should be able to stably support the whole machine and be locked or fixed reliably. The location of the concrete mixer with pump should not only facilitate the entry and exit of the concrete mixer truck and the feeding of the material to the hopper, but also consider conducive to pumping the cloth pipe and reducing the pumping pressure loss. At the same time, it is required to be close to the pouring site and convenient for power supply and water supply.

concrete mixer with pump

In the concrete pumping process, as the pumping pressure increases, the pumping impact force will force the pipe to move back and forth, which not only loses the pumping pressure of the concrete pump, but also impacts and interrupts the connection between the pump pipes. The tensioned state can cause premature damage to the pipe clamp and rubber ring, and overflow of cement slurry, so Nigeria concrete mixer machine must be fixed.

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