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Concrete Mixer Hydraulic Pump

Concrete mixer hydraulic pump has been used by many construction companies for ground heating and floor slab construction. It has greatly improved the construction efficiency of the project. However, during the pumping process, if the separated concrete is pumped during the construction process, it is very easy to cause the inhalation of gas. How to deal with this?

The solution of hydraulic pump for concrete mixer suction gas:

concrete mixer hydraulic pump

1. Add cement mortar: Generally, when the suction and pumping of the concrete is terminated, the pressure of the main oil passage is significantly reduced, the concrete in the silo will be lowered slowly, and the mixing often becomes difficult, and finally the oil is pumped. The pressure is reduced to zero, the output of the mixed soil is completely terminated, and the no-load cycle of the organization is pushed. A more convenient solution is generally to add some cement mortar to the silo before the output of the concrete has not completely stopped, that is, before the main oil pressure has dropped to zero, and mix it with the original concrete before pumping.

2. Clean up the poor-quality concrete: When the pumping is terminated, if the addition of cement mortar does not work, then the dump door should be opened, the inferior concrete in the silo and valve box should be cleaned up, and then pumping should be restarted.

hydraulic pump for concrete mixer

It should be emphasized that when re-pumping, you must first add some cement mortar to the silo, or use mortar-rich high-slump concrete. Often this process requires several times of reverse pumping operations to make the pumping normal. In the process of handling, concrete mixer hydraulic pump should be noted that when the pumping of commercial concrete is stopped, if the storage in the silo is left too little or is completely empty, then there will be suction when pumping again. A situation where the gas cannot be pumped. If the quality of the concrete is good, several times of reverse pump operation can be used to normalize the pumping. If the product quality is average, you need to add cement mortar to resume normal pumping.

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