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Concrete Batching Plant Inspection Rules

As the application of concrete batching plant equipment becomes more and more extensive, what are the inspection rules of the concrete mixing plant transmission system during the operation of the concrete batching plant equipment?

1. The connection between the main motor and the planetary reducer (or cycloid reducer, coupling, bridge gear transmission power) should be reliable, the operation should be stable, and there should be no abnormal noise;

2. The safety hooks and locking pins of the climbing and feeding mechanism should be complete, and the wear of the hopper roller and transmission gear should not exceed the requirements specified in the machine manual;

3. The transmission of the bucket elevator and screw conveyor of the concrete batching plant equipment should be stable, and there should be no abnormal noise, leakage or cement blocks;

concrete batching plant equipment

4. The gear wear of the rotating mechanism of the traction shovel batching system should be within the specifications of the machine, and the steel wire rope should meet the relevant provisions of this regulation;

5. The belt conveyor of the silo batching system of the concrete batching plant equipment should run smoothly, without deflection, slippage or noise, and the belt should not fail and break.

What should I do if the concrete batching plant mixer has abnormal noise during the normal mixing process?

1. The mixing knife touches the liner: adjust the gap between the mixing knife and the liner; tighten the bolts of the mixing knife.

2. Abnormal sound of the shaft head: check whether the lubrication is in place; check and replace the shaft head seal.

3. Abnormal sound of chrysanthemum axis: check and replace.

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