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Common Faults Of Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

As the main equipment for concrete production, more and more engineering bosses build a factory owner concrete mixer plant. However, for a kind of equipment, it is inevitable that there will be some failures during the year-round work. The following are the common failures of several small concrete mixing plants.

factory owner concrete mixer plants

Failure one, mixing system of small concrete mixing plant

1. Common failure phenomena include: unsmooth operation of the discharge gate, tripping of the mixing machine, and abnormal noise of the mixing machine, which causes the mixing machine to fail to operate normally, which directly affects the work of the mixing machine.

2. Reason analysis: The unsmooth discharge door of the mobile concrete mixing plant is caused by the failure of the proximity switch, the pressure of the hydraulic unit is too small, or the discharge door jam. Misoperation, abnormal noise of the mixer, abnormal noise of the motor, abnormal noise of the shaft end, or deformation and damage of the mixing knife.

factory owner mobile concrete mixer plants

3. Treatment method: Replace the proximity switch of the same model in the concrete mixing plant. Hydraulic unit: There is a lack of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic station, replenish the hydraulic oil, and adjust the pressure; check whether there is any accumulation of material around the discharge door, and it should be cleaned up in time. Adjust the tension of the transmission belt in time; adjust the gap of the stirring knife and replace the stirring knife in time; check whether the protective cover is loose and whether there is any problem with the bearing; check whether there is lubricating oil to follow up; whether there is friction in the protective ring A/B.

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