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How To Choose Right Concrete Mixer Pump Model

Concrete mixer pump Nigeria is a construction equipment that transports concrete under pressure through pipelines. It combines ready-mixed concrete production and pumping construction. It uses concrete mixer trucks for intermediate operation to achieve continuous concrete pumping and pouring. It is equipped with special The pipeline can continuously transport the concrete horizontally and vertically along the pipeline. Concrete mixer pumps are divided into multiple models, and different models have different functions. How to choose a suitable concrete mixer pump model? The specific method is as follows:

The following eight aspects should be considered when choosing a concrete mixer pump:

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1. The type and structure of the building

The performance of the concrete mixer pump Nigeria is related to the model. In addition to considering the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, site conditions, construction technology requirements, and surrounding environment should also be considered when selecting models. The main performance parameters of the concrete pump truck usually selected should be in line with the construction requirements or slightly larger. If the capacity is too large, the utilization rate will be low and waste; if it is too small, it will not only fail to meet the construction requirements, but will also accelerate the loss of the concrete pump truck.

2. Concrete pouring requirements

The selection of concrete mixer pump should be comprehensively considered according to the concrete engineering object, characteristics, maximum delivery distance, maximum delivery capacity required, concrete construction plan, concrete pump form and specific conditions.

3. Construction practicality

Because concrete mixer pump Nigeria is flexible, and the higher the boom height, the larger the pouring height and the spreading radius, and the stronger the construction adaptability. In the construction, the high boom concrete pump truck should be used as much as possible. The pump truck with a boom length of 46~66m is a large-scale and wide-ranging equipment on the market, accounting for about 75%. Long boom concrete pump truck will become the main model in construction. In addition, because the concrete pump truck is limited by the carrying capacity of the car chassis, the cost of the boom will increase greatly when the height of the boom exceeds 72m, and is limited by the space on the construction site, so it is generally rarely used.

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4. Product configuration

The product performance of concrete mixer pumps should stick to a high starting point when selecting models. If a high-value concrete pump truck is selected, the standard requirements for its products must also be improved. The quality of the main components of the product, from the internal quality to the appearance quality, must be adapted to the high value of the vehicle.

5. Construction business volume

The number of concrete pump trucks used can be calculated based on the concrete pouring volume, the actual delivery volume of a single machine, and the construction operation time. For those concrete pumping construction projects with a large amount of one-time concrete pouring, in addition to the calculation and determination, there should be a certain reserve amount. In addition, a concrete mixing plant with an annual output of 1.5-2 million m³ needs to be equipped with 8-10 concrete pump trucks and 3-5 mobile vehicle-mounted mixer pumps.

6. Operating System

The operation control system on the concrete pump Nigeria is equipped with manual, wired and wireless control modes. The wired control is convenient and flexible, and the wireless remote control can be operated remotely. Once the circuit fails, manual operation can be used.

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7. Power system

The delivery pump truck adopts full hydraulic technology, so it is necessary to consider whether the hydraulic technology used is advanced, and how the quality of the hydraulic components is derived from the engine because of its power. Therefore, in addition to considering the performance and quality of the engine, the performance, carrying capacity and quality of the car chassis must also be considered Wait.

8. After-sales service

As a special vehicle, concrete mixer pump Nigeria should have requirements for safety, mechanical performance, after-sales service of the manufacturer, and supply of accessories due to its special functions. Otherwise, once it happens, it will not only affect the construction progress, but also produce unimaginable consequences.

Generally speaking, the above eight aspects are mainly considered, but they are not limited to these eight aspects. In practice, they must be considered according to their actual conditions. For example, the price of concrete pumps can also be used as reference factors.

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