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Features Of China Portable Concrete Pump

1. China portable concrete pump body has smart design, simple operation, convenient and flexible movement, and stable performance.

2. It comes with a mixing bucket for mixing, and the auxiliary time is short to ensure that the concrete pump works without fail under harsh conditions.

3. The mixing pump adopts a double-cylinder full-hydraulic pumping system, which is convenient and quick, with fast pumping speed and high working efficiency.

China portable concrete pump

4. China concrete pump trailer has a high degree of automation, can be operated by one person, equipped with remote control, and easy to operate.

5.The hydraulic system greatly improves the overall reliability of the concrete pump.

6. The vehicle design integrates economy, reliability, safety and durability, with good maneuverability and high equipment utilization.

7. The mixing drum equipped with the mixing device of portable concrete pump is driven by a ruler ring, and the hopper is driven by a taper motor for feeding. The up and down of the hopper and the forward and reverse rotation of the mixing drum are electrically controlled. Low energy consumption, compact structure, stable movement, reliable transmission, simple operation, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, high degree of automation, etc.

China concrete pump

8. The mixer adopts dual-motor mixing, which is fast and evenly mixed. It is rotated by a grinding wheel and is stable as a whole. It is equipped with a vibration device and the material is completely discharged.

9. The trailer concrete pump adopts a double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping system, which is stable and reliable in performance. The hydraulic accessories are all well-known brands at home and abroad, and the quality is reliable.

10. Lubrication system: Five-point separate lubrication is used to protect key components from wear.

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