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Buy Mobile Concrete Mixer With Pump Point

A new type of intelligent construction engineering machinery and equipment, such as mobile concrete mixer with pumps, which has universal use, can be used for engineering construction cement mortar transportation, geological engineering grouting, tunnel construction and large-scale painting, practical operation is convenient, easy to maintain, so where should we start to buy mobile concrete mixer with pump?

buy mobile concrete mixer with pump

1. Performance parameters:

The concrete delivery pump has the following key performance parameters: transportation displacement, pressure at the outlet, motor rated power and multi-way valve form. According to the standard, these basic parameters can be known from the number. The motor rated power of the mobile concrete mixer with pump is a necessary condition to determine the pressure at the outlet and the amount of transportation. Under a certain condition of the motor rated power, the increase in pressure will inevitably reduce the delivery volume; in turn, reducing the pressure at the outlet will make the delivery The amount is improved.

2. Components and equipment:

The hydraulic oil pump is a very important part of the concrete delivery pump. There are domestic hydraulic oil pumps and imported hydraulic oil pumps according to different origins; according to the structure of the hydraulic oil pump, there are gear oil pumps, axial plunger pumps, and gear pumps. The same type of hydraulic oil pump is suitable for different pressure levels. The gear oil pump is generally used in the early mobile concrete mixer with pump because of its low cost and strong adaptability, but because of its low pressure and large pulse resistance, concrete pump made in China is generally equipped with a low-pressure pump or only used for medium and high-pressure water pumps. Auxiliary oil circuit system; gear pumps are divided into swash plate type and slant shaft type. Due to their large pressure range, they are widely used at this stage.

mobile concrete mixer with pump

3. Brand and service items:

In addition to selecting from the hardware equipment of the mobile concrete mixer with pump, it is also necessary to analyze its "software" level: such as the brand's manufacturing history, overall product development strength, after-sales maintenance service capabilities, and so on. Formal well-known enterprises often have good performance in the overall strength of product research and development, quality assurance, after-sales maintenance services and the supply of spare parts, so that customers can be free from worry.

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