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Buy Concrete Batching Plant

To buy concrete mixing plant is a good choice for investment. Nowadays, concrete is indispensable for construction. With the acceleration of urbanization in most countries, the infrastructure construction is also more perfect, and the demand for concrete will also increase at this time. Buying a concrete mixing plant is a very good choice. Of course, many countries pay more attention to environmental protection, so it is necessary to control the noise of the concrete mixing plant.

buy concrete mixing plant

Below, I will explain to you from several aspects: How to take preventive measures for noise control:

1. Enclosure of the entire station: the entire mixing plant is fully encapsulated, the main machine is sealed with soundproof panels, and the enclosed material yard uses hollow bricks for sound insulation, etc., which can reduce noise to a minimum.

2. The use of a new type of mixing machine: the noise source of China stationary concrete batching plant mainly comes from the mixing machine. The new type of mixing machine is adopted to improve the manufacturing accuracy of the tank and adopts a new type of reducer and transmission system to effectively reduce noise.

3. Air circuit noise reduction: A large number of air cylinders are used as actuators in the mixing station. At the end of the stroke, the impact is large and the noise is high. The air-liquid combined buffer cylinder can be introduced, and the hydraulic buffer at the end of the stroke reduces noise.

4. Plant greening: stationary concrete batching plant factory should be planted reasonably. The species should be shrubs and trees that can suppress dust and noise. Trees should also be planted around the plant to reduce noise transmission.

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