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How To Buy Concrete Batching Plant

Choose and buy concrete mixing station matters needing attention

How to buy concrete mixing plant

The core considerations you must know about how to buy hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant. First of all, from the concrete mixing station price, equipment quality, manufacturer strength, after-sales support and so on, this is the investigation of the manufacturer, how to clarify their needs? So how to choose and buy a good concrete mixing plant under the premise of meeting the customized demand?

1. Performance label of construction concrete: equipped with a mixing machine

The main mixing machine is the core of the mixing station, according to the concrete performance label to choose what kind of main mixing machine. If water conservancy projects must choose the double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixing main engine. In addition, the concrete batcher and cement bin should be selected according to the type of concrete material that can be mixed.

2. The construction of concrete task and time limit: choose the mixing station model

Use these two parameters to choose the size of the concrete mixing plant.

Set the total task quantity of concrete as A; Concrete casting days are B; C. Working hours per day; Use coefficient is X, should choose mixing station specification X=A/(B*C*X), where X is 0.7-0.9.

The transportation condition of finished concrete should also be considered in the selection. Direct pumping or vehicular delivery. The capacity of the transport vehicle is also an important basis for determining the type of the mixing station.

buy hzs50 stationary concrete batching plant

3. The amount of construction and construction period: to decide whether to stop or double war

When the site needs to pour a large amount of concrete at one time, the quality requirements are higher, and there is no nearby concrete mixing stations can be reinforced, choose two sets of smaller size mixing stations, or choose a main and a pair of double machine preparation.

4. Traffic conditions

When the site traffic is inconvenient, it will take a lot of time for the maintenance personnel of the mixing station to go in and out of the site, choose the twin engine station with the same smaller specifications, or prepare enough spare parts to ensure the construction progress smoothly.

5. Delivery distance

When the construction sites are scattered, but the distance between the sites is not too far, the transport radius of the high quality HM6-D concrete mixer truck shall not exceed 30 minutes' drive, and that of the dump truck shall not exceed 10 minutes' drive. The use of multi - station mixing, in order to improve the utilization rate of the mixing station and construction of economic benefits.

6. The quality of operators: large station or small station

Generally speaking, small concrete mixing station structure is simpler, the control system is simpler, so the operation and maintenance personnel requirements are lower. And large concrete mixing station complex structure, high degree of automation, so the operator requirements are higher. So when you buy a concrete mixing plant, in addition to the above factors, you should also consider the operators.

7. Configuration selection: with or without special requirements

In general, manufacturers have mature equipment configuration, such as specifications, quantity, varieties, etc. You can also make special requests when ordering the stirring equipment. We will try our best to meet your requirements. But in the product of choose and buy avoid by all means, can cause unnecessary economy to waste so. In addition, in the purchase of concrete mixing plant equipment, in addition to referring to the price of different manufacturers, should also pay special attention to the configuration list of different manufacturers. In addition to the above specifications, varieties and quantities, the most important is the manufacturer of the accessories.

The above is an overview of the core matters that hzs60 stationary concrete batching plant manufacturer should pay attention to when purchasing concrete mixing plants. I hope it will be helpful for you. If you need to know more about concrete mixing plants, please call the website or leave a message to us.

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