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Matters Needing Attention When Starting Concrete Batching Plant

1. Turn on the main power, turn on the main power button, and the power indicator light is on. The bell reminds people to stay away from the device. Generally, people are required to be two meters away from the device before turning on the device. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the flat and inclined belt conveyor (to prevent the roller from falling and hurting during operation). Pay special attention to whether there are people on or inside the mixer and on the flat belt of the concrete mixing station.


2. Turn on the power switch of each branch except the frequency conversion control, turn on the power of the computer monitor, computer host, and signal conditioner. When the computer displays the company screen, press any key on the keyboard and generally press the space to enter the device operating program interface. Turn the inverter control button to "OFF", and turn on the feeder belt power supply controlled by each inverter. Turn on the power supply of the screw conveyor and the water inverter controller on the cement tank. Observe whether the voltmeter indicates normal 380V±5%. Press the master start button. Turn on the air compressor and wait for the pressure to meet the requirements.

3. Turn on in turn: Inclined belt conveyor-------mixer------flat belt conveyor------rotate four frequency conversion controlled feeding belt conveyors, cement frequency conversion screw (press the computer if it is automatic F1 key), when the material is conveyed to the corner of the flat belt machine, turn on the water pump. When shutting down, stop the material and water first, then turn off each power supply in turn, and finally turn off the computer, signal conditioner, and computer monitor of the concrete batching plant.


4. Rotate the water frequency control knob to adjust the amount of water when water needs to be added. It is strictly prohibited to use forklifts, excavators, etc. to directly load materials without feeding the silo. The big rocks on the aggregate bin should be cleaned up in time.

5. When the aggregate blanking is insufficient, the belt speed is too fast and it is easy to throw the material. At this time, the large blanking bin door can be opened. When the blanking is excessive, the belt speed is too slow, so you can close the blanking bin door. When using automatic, if the belt runs too fast due to empty material, press the F1 key and then press F1 to turn it on. That is, press F1 twice in succession. Try to use the vibrator as little as possible. The vibrator cannot be pressed for a long time. It is strictly forbidden to press the vibrator when the discharge door is closed and long press the vibrator when the material is empty.

6. When the concrete batching plant is discharged normally, observe whether the roller does not rotate, and replace or repair it in time if any abnormality is found. Press emergency stop when there is personal safety. Normally, emergency stop is not allowed, because there is material on the belt after pressing the emergency stop, which causes the mixer to slide backwards.

7. When the mixer accidentally trips, the materials in the mixer must be cleaned up and restarted. Do not start the mixer with materials.

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