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What Affects Price of JS1500 Concrete Mixer

Js1500 Concrete Mixer Price is determined by the different configuration of different manufacturers, different manufacturers will use different configuration or different parts, so the quotation of js1500 mixer will be different.

Js1500 Concrete Mixer is a large and medium-sized concrete mixer, this mixer can be a single machine operation, can also be used as HZS90 or HZS75 concrete mixing station mixing mainframe. A good product must have its superiority.

How much is the quotation for the js1500 mixer?

Although the Chinese Js1500 Concrete Mixer is a stand-alone device, it is also composed of different systems. By mixing system, feeding system, electrical system, unloading system, etc., different manufacturers in the production and manufacture of JS1500 forced concrete mixer equipment, the choice of accessories are different, and the unit price of each part may affect the overall price of the mixer equipment difference, for example:

js1500 concrete mixer

1. The reducer of the mixer can be cycloidal pin type or double planet reducer. The price of the two reducer is different.

2. The mixer is generally equipped with four manual oil pumps to protect the shaft end of the lubrication, the cost is low, also won't cause too much burden cost to the customer, but the continuous operation time long mixing station, especially used as commercial concrete mixing station continuous work, the electric oil pump will still reduce a lot of burden, but the price is higher.

One price one goods is the same reason, the price is too low behind the sacrifice of product quality. HAOMEI tries its best to compress the price space and provide reasonable preferential price for customers, so as to achieve win-win situation for customers.

Above is HAOMEI to Js1500 Concrete Mixer price how much introduction, HAOMEI is a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturers, more than 10 years of production experience, by the customer trust, if there is a need, welcome to consult the order or to visit the factory.

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