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Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Advantages

trailer concrete pump morocco

Performance advantages of truck mounted concrete pump:

1. The truck mounted concrete pump moves quickly and has strong maneuverability, which is convenient for multiple construction sites to operate back and forth;

2. Integrating mixing, conveying, and moving into one, one product has three major functions, reducing procurement costs.

3. Diesel-electric dual-purpose dual drive options, easy to face various construction conditions.

trailer concrete pumps

4. Using a twin-shaft mixing system for uniform mixing. The concrete produced by the mixing truck pump has good workability and compactness, and high strength.

5. High production efficiency, fast mixing speed with double horizontal shafts, and the theoretical pumping capacity can reach 40 cubic meters per hour;

6. High return on investment and quick cost recovery. After truck mounted concrete pump manufacturers understand the markets in various places, it is estimated that the investment recovery time is about 8-10 months.

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