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How Does Trailer Concrete Pumps Work

The principle of HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump in China is actually relatively simple, and the rough principle is relatively simple. Two concrete tanks, one suction and one hit, the two work alternately.

First of all, the concrete trailer pump has to load the material, get the material into the mixing tank, the mixing tank is driven by the motor, and the mixed concrete is poured into the hopper. The material in the hopper must enter the conveying cylinder. The conveying system is powered by the hydraulic system. The conveying cylinder is pushed by the oil cylinder, one suction and one feed, and the concrete is pumped out. Trailer concrete pump is composed of two professional equipments: concrete mixing and pumping.

trailer concrete pump china

The parts and components of the high quality HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump mainly include hydraulic system, operating mechanism, mixing device, reducer, cleaning system and so on. The working principle is that the power of the power take-off engine is taken out, the variable pump of the hydraulic system is driven, the mechanical energy is converted into hydraulic energy and transmitted to the fixed-quantity motor. The motor then drives the reducer. And then pumping the concrete with a conveyor system.

The mixing drum is a container for loading concrete. During the feeding and transportation process, the mixing drum is rotating, and the concrete is moving inward along the blades. When the material is discharged, the mixing drum is turning backwards, and the concrete is discharged outward along the blades. In fact, the work of the low price HBT80S1813-110 Trailer Concrete Pump is very simple. As long as it is properly used and regularly repaired, there will be no failure.

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