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Trailer Concrete Pump Morocco

As a concrete conveying machinery company, HAOMEI Machinery has recently developed trailer concrete pumps, which combine concrete mixers and conveying pumps to simplify the construction process and facilitate hauling of high-efficiency concrete mixing and conveying equipment. The concrete trailer pump, also known as the trailer pump, adopts a full hydraulic pumping system. This hydraulic system greatly improves the overall reliability and ensures that the mixing trailer pump works flawlessly under harsh conditions.

trailer concrete pumps

Concrete mixing pump device

The mixing drum equipped with the mixing device is driven by a gear ring, and the hopper is driven by a taper motor for feeding. The upper and lower sides of the hopper and the positive and negative rotation of the mixing drum are controlled by electric appliances. Trailer concrete pump Morocco has the advantages of low energy consumption, compact structure, stable operation, reliable transmission, simple operation, good mixing quality, high production efficiency and high degree of automation.

Trailer concrete pump Morocco

Suitable people for trailer pumps

1. Leasing company: The purchased equipment is specially used for leasing to construction users in need, and the construction users of the leased equipment do not need to purchase, maintain and keep the equipment;

2. Project construction unit: in order to meet the regular use within the company;

3. Individual project contractors: used to undertake projects.

concrete ground pumps

The use of concrete trailer pump

Concrete ground pumps are widely used in construction sites of bridges, tunnels, hydropower stations, and houses. Our company's concrete pumps are all assembled from imported parts and components, and each process has undergone strict quality control and quality assurance, so that the factory equipment is qualified product. Concrete pump company's concrete pump products are of good quality, stable and reliable performance, high efficiency, and low maintenance cost. They are well received and affirmed by customers. Welcome to call to negotiate and purchase.

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