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Pump Truck Maintenance Methods

The purpose of maintenance of China concrete pump truck is to ensure its normal operation, maintain its good performance and reliability; avoid heavy consumption of oil and equipment; prevent accidents, ensure driving and operation safety, and improve economic and social benefits . Let's take a look at how to maintain the pump truck with HAOMEI.

1. Clean. Ensure that the equipment is clean and tidy, that the engine, assembly components and tools on board are free of dirt, that the filters are used normally, that the hydraulic oil and mechanism are free of pollution, and that all pipelines can operate normally.

2. Check. Regularly check the condition of the engine, various assemblies and components. Ensure that the machine parts are complete and reliable, and the connections and fasteners are intact.

3. Adjustment. Clarify the technical requirements for the adjustment of each component, and make adjustments carefully and meticulously in accordance with the adjustment methods and steps.

4. Lubrication. According to different regions and climatic conditions, choose the correct type of lubricant, the oil and tools to be filled should be clean, the oil filling port and the oil nozzle should be wiped clean, and the filling amount should meet the requirements.

China concrete pump truck

The above are the maintenance methods of several concrete pump trucks. Here are some maintenance methods:

1. Maintenance of the chassis. Chassis inspection mainly includes oil and water inspection; clutch, transmission and tire inspection.

2. Maintenance of rotary reducer and transfer case. Grease the surface of the pinion gear connected to the slewing reduction mechanism and the slewing bearing regularly for three months, and regularly fill the slewing bearing with a grease gun through the grease nipple on the oil filler.

3. Maintenance of pumping equipment. After the concrete is pumped by China concrete pump truck, the gap between the eyeglass plate and the cutting ring should be checked. If it exceeds a certain value and the wear is uniform, the gap should be adjusted.

4. Maintenance of hydraulic system. Cleaning is an important task of hydraulic system maintenance. Regular cleaning can ensure that the system is free of dust, dirt and other particles. Check the hydraulic hoses and connectors for oil leakage. If damaged, the hydraulic hoses must be replaced.

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