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Placement of Concrete Mixer

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Concrete mixers Thailand are welcomed by the construction industry due to their high construction efficiency and fast and convenient transition mode. Ladder concrete mixer has convenient movement, convenient cloth, high efficiency, high cost performance, and greatly reduces labor costs. This is a good choice for buying a trapezoidal concrete mixer. According to the correct operation steps, concrete construction can be carried out safely and steadily, effectively prolonging the service life of the ladder concrete mixer, improving construction efficiency, and creating use value. , The concrete mixer should be parked in a level and sturdy place with no obstacles around.

When installing the site, please consider that the ground is flat and firm. Do not install it in places with slopes, pits or soft geology. Pour a flat concrete foundation on site. In fact, these need to be completed before the trapezoidal concrete mixer enters the site. Place concrete mixer pump Jamaica on the concrete foundation or solid floor, adjust the height with a jack, keep the walking wheel off the ground, and lock it with the positioning pin and the safety pin of the leg.

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However, make sure that the hopper door opens and closes freely and is easy to clean. First of all, there is no debris in the mixing tank, the protective grid on the hopper is intact and tightly closed; fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and water tanks are all added, the tire pressure meets the regulations, the lighting and signal indicators are complete; the delivery pipe is firmly connected and sealed . The hydraulic system is working normally and the pipeline has no leakage; the pump is fully equipped; the extension of the power distribution pole should be carried out in the order specified by the factory, and the boom can swing after being lifted from the support. Do not use the boom to lift or drag objects.

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