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Notes For Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete pump truck - concrete pouring pound matters needing attention

Concrete pump truck construction, before the concrete pouring and ramming, need to concrete pump truck what operation, what matters needing attention? Hdt5350Thb-4245 Concrete Pump Truck Manufacturer will introduce to you today:

1. Wet hollow cylinder: before pouring and pounding concrete, water and moisten the water-absorbing hollow cylinder to reduce the influence of continuous water absorption on the quality of structural concrete.

concrete pump truck manufacturer

2. Pouring and vibrating: strictly control the protection layer and elevation of steel bar on and below the floor slab, attach importance to and strengthen concrete pouring and vibrating, and eliminate honeycomb and pitted surface phenomenon of floor slab concrete.

3. Bamboo board: the concrete pump pipe bracket of the concrete pump truck must be placed on the bamboo board, and the operators must also work on the bamboo board. It is forbidden to directly step on the CBM inner mold to avoid damage.

4. Discharge port: a 45-degree elbow is added to the discharge port to avoid direct impact of concrete on the internal mold.

Above is Hdt5350Thb-4245 Concrete Pump Truck Manufacturers about concrete pouring before the pound matters needing attention, I hope to be able to help you.

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