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Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant Factory

The mobile concrete mixing plant factory said that the mixing plant consists of multiple mixing plant hosts and machines. Each machine has different functions and uses. The concrete mixing plant can be formed by controlling each part of the machine. The concrete mixing plant is a device that mixes various concrete raw materials in a certain proportion and then mixes them according to a certain process to produce concrete with certain properties. So, how should the concrete batching plant be managed?

mobile concrete mixing plant factory

1. The staff of the mixing station will receive notification of construction ingredients from the mixing station test room in advance. The proportion of building materials should strictly follow the construction requirements. The materials used are consistent with the mixing ratio. It is strictly prohibited for non-testers to adjust the mixing ratio.

2. The staff should inform the mixing station testers of the quantity, quantity, construction location and construction method of the concrete to be mixed on the same day, and apply for the construction mixing ratio and the materials used for concrete mixing. The station must pass all inspections.

3. The stationary concrete batching plant factory tells you that the mixing plant is set up in an obvious position to set up the construction mix ratio sign, and a special person is responsible. According to the requirements of the owner or the supervision and production of the card style. The main content includes the construction site, construction team or work team, raw material name, origin, specifications, millennium design strength grade, millennium theoretical mix ratio, construction mix ratio, the amount of each mixture used, testers, technical leaders and construction managers.

stationary concrete batching plant factory

4. The tester of the concrete mixing plant should remove the sand and gravel material before opening the hole to determine the water content, convert the theoretical mixing ratio of the concrete to the building mixing ratio, fill in the building composition notice, and have the technical supervisor.

5. The cement, admixtures and admixtures in the concrete mixing station must be stored to prevent leakage, moisture, foaming, cross-stacking, misuse, etc., materials that have been inspected, materials to be inspected and unqualified materials . All should be stored in a separate location.

Record the abnormal conditions of China mobile concrete batching plant: Recording is the key to the engineer's discovery of problems and timely maintenance of the mixing plant equipment. For example, motors, gearboxes, etc. can judge whether the sound is normal during operation. If there is any problem, if there is normal noise, please stop the machine in time and check it carefully.

Cleaning of mixing equipment: After finishing the work, stopping is not so simple. It is very important to clean the inside of the mixing plant equipment. Because the main gel material of concrete is cement, it is difficult to clean once it is solidified and condenses in the mixing drum, which will affect the mixing work and aggravate the internal wear of the mixing plant equipment. Therefore, after using the mixing station equipment, customers can clean it themselves. The large mixer has an automatic cleaning system to make cleaning more convenient.

batching plant philippines

Inspection before use: Before using each model, no matter what type of mixing plant equipment is used, it should be fully inspected. In mixing equipment, the inspection of the mixer is particularly important, because the mixer is usually sealed and stirred in the platform. If at this time, and the control room personnel cannot observe directly, enter the mixing building for inspection.

No matter what type of mixing plant equipment is used, it needs to be checked before use. This is good for machines and people. In the mixing equipment, the inspection of the mixer is particularly important, because the mixer cannot be inspected outside, which requires professionals to enter the mixing building for inspection.

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