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How to Determine Position of Asphalt Mixing Plant

One point is to be familiar with the construction site line direction, because the transportation distance of asphalt directly affects the quality of asphalt, so it must be fully considered when constructing asphalt mixing plant indonesia to fully meet the needs of the site. It is necessary to fully confirm the distribution of asphalt according to the construction drawings in order to locate the approximate center position of the asphalt mixing plant.

The second point is to understand and master the basic elements of the construction of the mixing plant, including water, electricity and floor space; the latter is about the surrounding environment of the construction site. Since the asphalt mixing plant is a processing base with a high degree of mechanization, dust and noise The pollution will be more serious, which requires that when selecting the site, areas where people, livestock, such as residential groups, schools, and breeding bases are concentrated, should be avoided as much as possible, and the impact on the surrounding environment should be reduced as much as possible.

asphalt mixing plant indonesia

Brief analysis of the conventional problems of the reversing valve of the asphalt mixing station?

There is also a directional valve in the asphalt mixing plant indonesia. Generally, there will be no problems, so I have not carefully understood its solution before. But when it was actually used, I just encountered a failure in this respect. How should I deal with it?

The failure of the reversing valve of the asphalt mixing plant is not complicated, that is, the reversing is not timely, the gas leaks, the electromagnetic pilot valve fails, etc. The corresponding reasons and solutions are of course different. For the phenomenon that the reversing of the reversing valve is not timely, it is generally caused by poor smoothness, the spring is stuck or damaged, and the oil or dirt is stuck in the sliding part. Viscosity, oil or other parts can be replaced if needed.

After prolonged use, the directional valve is prone to wear of the valve core sealing ring, valve stem and valve seat, resulting in gas leakage in the valve. At this time, the sealing ring, valve stem and valve seat should be replaced, or the directional valve should be replaced directly. In order to reduce the failure rate of the asphalt mixing plant, the maintenance must also be strengthened.

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