HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck

HM8-D concrete mixer truck manufacturer provides discount high quality HM8-D concrete mixer truck made in China for sale.

Mixing Capacity: 8m3
Tank Volume: 12.8m3
Feeding Speed: ≥3m³/min
Discharging Speed: ≥1.5m³/min

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Components of HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck

1. HM8-D concrete mixer truck for sale is composed of chassis, storage tank, piping system, automatic unloading device, etc.

2. It mainly consists of barrel storage tank, storage tank to the upper end of the inlet, fluidized bed, feeding tube assembly, intake manifold and other accessories.

3. HM8-D concrete mixer truck manufacturer says, the main accessories of the concrete mixer are barrel storage tank, fluidized bed, feed tube assembly, intake manifold, etc.

4. Piping system: there is an air chamber at the front and rear of the bulk cement truck, and the machine is opened at the same time and controlled by the valve separately to achieve functions respectively.

HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck Braking System

The vibration of high quality HM8-D concrete mixer truck for manufacturer when they step on the brakes mostly occurs on the old car body. Because of wear and tear, the surface flatness of the brake discs of concrete mixer trucks has been misaligned to some extent. So the suggestion is to choose lapping with lathe disc technology, or replace the brake pads (for older concrete mixer trucks).

When the brake of a small concrete mixer truck is about to stop, the steering wheel always deflects to one side. This situation is actually what we commonly call a "biased brake". The main cause of the failure is that the left and right sub-pumps of the brake system of the small concrete mixer truck do not exert brake force Evenly caused. In the process of driving, because the brake disc of the discount HM8-D concrete mixer truck rotates fast, the difference between the uneven pump action and the rapid friction is very small, and it is difficult for us to feel it.

high quality HM8-D concrete mixer truck

It takes more than ten minutes to warm the car before the small mixer has the braking force. The brake system of the small concrete mixer is the pressure provided by the engine to push the caliper to clamp the brake disc (disc brake), or to push the brake disc and the brake drum to friction (drum brake ). Therefore, the situation like the above may be the loss of pressure in the transmission pipeline that provides pressure, resulting in failure to provide braking force in a timely manner. In this case, check whether the vacuum booster hose of the brake master cylinder and the excuse of the small concrete mixer truck engine are cracked or loose.

HM8-D concrete mixer truck made in China does not return to the brake position. Press the brake pedal, the pedal does not rise, and there is no resistance. This phenomenon is that the brake does not return. It is necessary to determine whether the brake fluid is missing, whether the brake cylinder, pipelines and joints are leaking oil, and whether the master cylinder and the cylinder parts are damaged.

Electrical System Of HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck

The electrical system of the high quality HM8-D concrete mixer truck is composed of three parts: the electric control device of the water supply system (electric water pump control part, electric pressure alarm system of the pneumatic water supply system), the cooling fan control part, the rear indicator light, the side marker light, and the work light part.

Electric control device for water supply system

1. Electric water pump control section. The electric water pump operation switch is located on the right switch box on the rear of the discount HM8-D concrete mixer truck. Before the electric water pump works, make sure that the engine is running, the water tank has water and the water pipe valve is open. Shut down the water pump when the water tank is used up. It is strictly prohibited to dry the electric water pump without water to avoid damage to the electric water pump. When the electric water pump is working, the buzzer in the switch box beeps, and a warning operation is started.

HM8-D concrete mixer truck for sale

2. Electric control alarm device for air pressure water supply system. Turn on the raw water pump switch in the cab of the HM8-D concrete mixer truck for sale. The buzzer relay of the pneumatic water supply system is energized, the buzzer sounds, and the solenoid valve is turned on. Open the water spray valve for water spray car washing operation. After the water spray washing, the buzzer is still beeping to remind the operator to turn off the water pump switch.

Cooling fan control section

The start and stop of the cooling fan of the concrete mixer truck is automatically controlled by a temperature control switch. The fan starts when the temperature is higher than 65 ° C, and stops when the temperature is lower than 60 ° C. The temperature control switch is located on the cooler, and the relay and fuse are in the central distribution box in the cab.

Rear profile lights, side marker lights, working lights

The rear indicator lights and side marker lights of the HM8-D concrete mixer truck made in China are used to indicate the size and side profile of the rear part of the car at night. The work light is used for night feed and discharge lighting, and the switch is in the cab.


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φ430 Monolithic dry type

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